Sovereignty is a guided 5 week transformational path for self-mastery and personal authority

This work is deeply rooted in Indigenous American teachings while drawing from the well of Eastern and European mesoteric teachings and presents as a truly unique approach to a living spirituality that is practical and accessible


The Sovereignty Path is a RESET and a FOUNDATION

Through Self-Examination you will unfold your TRUE NATURE

You will acquire the TOOLS for Self-Mastery 

and begin to live the life of your DREAMS

This is what all the sages have talked about but made simple

My gift to the world is the ability to devour and dismantle false structures and beliefs in order to get to the deepest waters of TRUTH


Through our work together you will come to CLAIM your BIRTH RIGHTS of PERSONAL AUTHORITY and SOVEREIGNTY


Before embarking on this journey it is important to realize that NO ONE IS COMING TO SAVE YOU.  You and YOU alone are the MASTER OF YOUR DESTINY


With help from guides and your higher mind you will reach the full potential of your SELF


There are no VICTIMS in the seat of power.  Where we are going There is no BLAME, no SHAME and no HIDING


The Sovereignty Guide


"Thank you for your deep wisdom and vulnerability"


"You inspire me"


"I feel like everything you say really hits my heart"


I was confronting a scary cancer diagnosis and also dealing with some very difficult decisions in my work/life path. Deep down, I wanted to make a dramatic change and escape a job that I felt was hurting me and making me sick. In our consultation, Cameron gave me some concrete "prescriptions" for herbal remedies that I could make for myself. She also really helped me to see more clearly what I needed to do, and how I was giving my trust too freely to outsiders that hadn't earned it. It's a long story, but the happy ending is that working with Cameron really sparked my fire to take my health and my life path into my own hands. I made some gradual, but ultimately dramatic, changes to my life. Today, I am filled with joy, my health is in my hands with cancer in remission, and I feel strong and healthy. I did this for myself and it feels so perfectly right. Cameron really helped me to take back my power, to see what is most important, and to use herbal allies and simple lifestyle choices to make a tremendous difference. Sometimes we need an outside perspective and a set of fresh eyes to help us see what is right in front of us. Cameron is a wise woman and an insightful healer!



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